3D printed microfluidic chips: Futuristic approach for rapid, affordable, point-of-care diagnostics and biomedical research


3D printer
microfluidic chips
point-of-care diagnostics

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Dhas D BB, C A. 3D printed microfluidic chips: Futuristic approach for rapid, affordable, point-of-care diagnostics and biomedical research. J Basic Clin Appl Health Sci [Internet]. 2019Mar.21 [cited 2020Jan.19];2(1):1-. Available from: http://jbcahs.org/index.php/journal/article/view/205


Point-of-care (POC) or bedside diagnostics are becoming the ultimate need for improving medical treatment and better healthcare. The advantages of this strategy are rapid diagnosis, affordable cost, requirement of less expertise and possibility of being performed in resource limited healthcare settings. The development of POC diagnostics requires an inter-disciplinary approach which can improve diagnostic parameters like sensitivity and specificity and also enhance analysis with low sample volume. Advancements in microfluidic technology has enabled the researchers to develop such diagnostics, integrated with sensors for rapid and easy detection.



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